A. The Charity holds the fund both as to capital and income upon trust for such religious, educational and other charitable purposes within New Zealand as the Board shall from time to time determine and, in particular, and without derogating from the generality of the foregoing:
1. To afford relief in New Zealand to:
i. The indigent widows and orphans of deceased Freemasons and other persons.
ii. The indigent wives and children of Freemasons and other persons.
iii. Indigent persons who are incapacitated.
iv. Indigent Freemasons in New Zealand who have been subscribing members of a Lodge.
2. To alleviate distress and assist in the maintenance and improvement of the quality of life of persons in reduced or underprivileged circumstances.
3. To promote, conduct and assist research into the causes of and remedies for ills whether of a physical, economic or emotional nature which may affect society generally or particular individuals.
4. To promote the arts, sporting and recreational events and facilities always in the interests of social welfare and for the public benefit of those eligible under these clauses, and any legal obligations of applicable NZ Statutes including, but not limited to the Charitable Trusts Act 1957, the Incorporated Societies Act 1908, the Charities Act 2005, Charity Regulations 2006, Charities Amendment Act 2012 and associated amendments to the same.
5. To assist any public charity or charities, or any organisation dispensing charity or relieving sickness or distress which the Board consider worthy of support.
B. The provisions of these Rules relating to particular cases where the person seeking relief is a Freemason or the dependant of a Freemason shall not be read as limiting the general public charitable purpose of the Charity.
C. The Charity is restricted to charitable objects in New Zealand.