Hohepa Homes fund raiser

We had the immense pleasure of inviting Hohepa Canterbury to meet Sir David Wootton during his recent visit to NZ. We met Arnah Trelease (General Manager) and Jacqueline Campbell (Community Engagement Manager) at the Canterbury Freemason Centre and discussed the splendid work that Hohepa Canterbury do in the community, how they are funded and the residents and day visitors they support. Sir David quizzed them with great enthusiasm, to understand not only the charity but also understand the relationship the South Island District has with them. During the meeting Sir David advised that he would like to offer 5K Stirling to recognise the contribution Hohepa makes to the community. Arnah and Jacqueline were pleasantly surprised and incredibly greatful. It was a fitting example of how international Freemasonry is alive and well. Fraternally, Nigel Paterson District Grand Charity Steward