Lodge No 1737

Meets at Masonic Hall, WINCHESTER

Meets 4th Monday each month except October and December

The installation date is 4th Monday, June

On 15th June 1877, four Masons met in the Winchester Hotel to discuss the formation of a Lodge in the area – they agreed that a further meeting is held and on 4th July 1877 at a meeting of fourteen Masons held in the local school it was agreed that a new Lodge is formed with the assistance of the Lodge of St. John No.1137.
At a meeting on 9th July, the first officers were elected.  The first meeting of the Lodge was held on 3rd September 1877 when it was dedicated by W.BroH. Thompson D.D.G.M., Canterbury. W.Bro. King of the Lodge of St. John being the only member qualified was installed as Master.
Of the four meetings that followed the dedication, at an emergency meeting on 8th October 1877 five initiations took place. A fortnight later eight members were passed to the F.C. Degree, in November there were three raisings and in December two initiations and one raised on the same night.