Lodge No 2007

Meets at Masonic Hall Lawcocks Road AMBERLEY

Meets the 2nd Monday except for January

The installation date is 2nd Monday, April


Amberley Lodge No 2007

The Lodge rooms are in Lawcocks Road, some 300 metres off S.H. 1…. the main road between Christchurch and Picton.

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Consecrated 30th May 1882.

The forerunner of the Lodge was The Northern Star Lodge No 1173, established at Leithfield five km south of Amberley in 1867. By 1873 the Lodge had disappeared, and the Charter was erased by the United Grand Lodge of England on 10th May 1881. A number of the Brethren were involved with the establishment of The Amberley Lodge 2007 E.C. which came into being on the 30th May 1882 with seven foundations, and twelve joining members; with four initiated members admitted in June 1882. Three neighbouring Lodges The Southern Cross Lodge No 760 E.C. (now The southern Cross Lodge No 6 New Zealand Constitution); The Ashley Lodge No 1877 E.C. (now The Ashley Lodge No 28 N.Z.C.); and The Rangiora Lodge No 994 E.C. (now dormant); gave ready assistance to the setting up of our Lodge.

It remains today, as the only surviving English Constitution Lodge in North Canterbury. The others moved to the New Zealand Constitution on its establishment in 1892. Amberley is a small rural North Canterbury town (pop. 1200), some 47 km north of the city of Christchurch, some 30 minutes drive.

Like all organisations, the Lodge has had both good and bad times in terms of membership and as of 2003 has a roll of 29 Brethren; and has always enjoyed a reputation of looking well to its visitors.


The Lodge rooms were built in 1925 and would be the envy of many larger Lodges. The temple is the same as what it was at the time of building, with a large refectory complex adjacent. Some years ago the District Grand Lodge, South Island, New Zealand, made finance available for the building of a large strong room; which today are housed many of the historical records of English Freemasonry; dating back to the mid 1850s. Sadly there are records of the number of Lodges that have disappeared over the years.