Canterbury Lodge

Lodge No 1048

Meets at the Masonic Hall 147 Havelock Street ASHBURTON

Meets 1st Saturday, May, July, September

The installation date is 1st Saturday March


Canterbury Lodge No 1048


Canterbury Lodge Officers

From among the pioneers, The Canterbury Lodge was formed and consecrated on the 9th December 1864. Three very forward-looking gentlemen Messrs, Mclean, Thiel, and Mytton, business operators thought it was time for another Masonic Lodge in the province, it was to be the fifth.

A meeting took place in the office of  Messrs, Mclean, Thiel& Mytton, it was here that a motion was put forward that a Lodge is formed and be registered with the Irish Constitution. This motion was defeated and an agreement was reached that it goes under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of England, where it has remained.

The first regular meeting took place on 6th January 1865, in St Augustine Hall and was ruled /directed by Wor. Bro. W K Mclean, there were 7 members in attendance. The first candidate was a Mr F A M Walker.

The minutes of that meeting tell us that a Trunk had been purchased costing Eleven shillings (11), the purchase has proved to be good value, it is still in good order and used. They also show that the Senior Warden and Inner Guard were fined 10 shillings (one Dollar) for being late, a lot of money in those days. Another point that comes through is that horseback was the best mode of transport to Lodge as the roads were more or less non-existing, there being just mud tracks.

Canterbury Lodge members have shown to be very prominent workers in the development of the Province, being active in Businesses, Local Affairs, Education, Sport (an All Black in the early days).

Our Lodge carries the name of the Beautiful Province of Canterbury, which runs down the Eastern side of the South Island. The boundaries are formed by the Rivers Waiau to the North and the Waitaki in the South, both offering great sport for the line Fisherman, Sea-run Salmon and Trout, and the Southern Alps to the West.


In May 2016 the Canterbury Lodge moved from Ferrymead in Christchurch and now meets in Ashburton at the Masonic Hall in Havelock Street. The Lodge meets on the first Saturday of March (Inst), May, July and September and operates as a dining lodge, tyling at 6:00 pm and, on completion of the Lodge business, joining with partners and friends at a local restaurant.